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Help support the work of the Sutter-Meyer Society!

The Sutter-Meyer Society needs to attract financial support to make our dreams a reality.  Please make a commitment to support us as we work to make the Sutter-Meyer Farmhouse, built in 1873, an asset to our community.

YES! I would like to help by becoming a Friend of the Sutter-Meyer Society! 


Please accept my TAX DEDUCTIBLE financial contribution in the following amount.

(Checks should be made out to Sutter-Meyer Society.) 


______    SMS Champion - $1873 

______    SMS Guardian - $500 

______    SMS Angel - $250

______    SMS Benefactor - $100

______    SMS Sponsor - $40 

______    SMS Patron - $20






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Please mail this completed form & your check to: 

Sutter-Meyer Society

PO Box 300285

University City, MO 63130